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  • Original Largo Delay Spray / Timing Spray - Germany

Original Largo Delay Spray Germany

‚ÄčAdvantage of Largo Spray:

You can read some of the advantages of Largo spray below.

1. Increase sexual stamina

2. Increase ejaculation upto 30 minutes.

3. No side effect.

4. Imported spray - Made in Germany

How to Use Largo Spray?

It is very easy to use Largo Spray and no special skill is required to use the product. Following precautions must be taken before using the product.

    1. Wash your penis before apply spray.
    2. Use at least 30 minutes before intercourse.
    3. Apply 1 short spray on penis

              1. Top of penis.              2. Center of penis.              3. Below part of penis.

Since the Largo spray is for external use and since today no side effects have been reported for using the spray. You will feel slight tingling sensation on the tip of your penis but it is natural and you can assure yourself that the product is taking its effect.

Brand name : Largo delay spray
Origan: German
liquied: 10 % lidocan
minimum order : 1 piece
Price: 1350
application : 40 to 60
ML: 45
Timing : 45 mint to 2 Hours backup
Delivery Time : with in 1 to 2 days

Largo delay spray is one of the most popular delay spray in Pakistan, hundreds of men around the country prefer this best quality timing spray for increasing their timings to increase their sex timings and enjoy the time. If you are one of the men who have some problem in timing then you must use this product to get more enjoyment.

If you are in Karachi then you can easily order largo spray in Karachi via telephone or SMS. We provide original Largo spray imported from Germany. There are number of vendors who sell products with no guarantee but be rest assured that we fully stand behind our products and support you.

If by any reason you are not satisfied with our Largo delay spray then we will refund/exchange it in your favor. We believe in repeat customers who become our regular clients with long term relationships. We provide Largo delay spray with full privacy that nobody who receives the parcel can know about the product. So buy Largo spray from us with confidence.


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Original Largo Delay Spray / Timing Spray - Germany

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